Tips for processing goya so that it is not bitter

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For those of you who are lazy to cook goya because it tastes too bitter, now there is no need to worry!

Goya or bitter melon is one of the most popular vegetables in Indonesia that is synonymous with its distinctive bitter taste.

However, if goya is processed properly then goya can be enjoyed by anyone even those who don’t like the bitter taste!

Here mimin try to spill tips on processing goya:

1. Clean the center of the Goya

The first tip for cooking goya so that it is not bitter is to remove the center of the goya.

2. Soak Goya with salt water

Soak the goya for 20 to 30 minutes with salt water while occasionally squeezing to reduce the bitterness. After soaking, don’t forget to rinse the goya with clean water before processing it into dishes.

3. Soak Goya with sugar water

This one tip is no different from the previous tips for cooking goya so that it is not bitter, namely by soaking goya slices with sugar water, squeezing occasionally and then rinsing clean water before cooking.

4. Boil the goya first

No need to boil for too long, just put the bitter melon in boiling water and boil for about 2 minutes, before immediately draining and rinsing with clean water.

5. Boil with Guava Leaves

If you have guava leaves, you can combine the previous tips for cooking goya so that it is not bitter by adding guava leaves to the boiled water. Guava leaves are believed to neutralize the bitter taste of goya.

6. Cook goya with Strong Flavored Spices

To reduce and neutralize the bitter taste of goya, cook goya with spices and herbs with strong flavors. Generally, many people choose to process goya with chili peppers so that the bitter taste of bitter melon can be masked by a spicy taste

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