Inauguration of Taruna Bhumi Rural Agricultural Training Center (P4S) and Solar Power Plant assistance

PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh attended the invitation to the inauguration of the Taruna Bhumi Rural Agricultural Training Building (P4S) and the assistance of a 20,000 Watt Peak (wp) Rooftop Solar Power Plant (PLTS) at Padepokan H.M. Arum Sabil, Kec. Tanggul, Kab. Jember. Wednesday, (06/12)

This activity was attended by Director, SEVP, General Manager, Corporate Secretary and Head of HR Division. Also present at the event were the Governor of East Java, Mrs. Khofifah Indar Parawansa and the Chairperson of Taruna Bhumi Rural Agricultural Training Center, H.M. Arum Sabil, Rector of UIN KHAS Jember, Ka. Bakorwil Jember, Head of. Dinas ESDM Prov. East Java, Head. Department of Agriculture and KP Prov. East Java, Head. Plantation Service Prov. East Java, Head of Coffee and Cocoa Research Center, GM of Sugar Factory PT Sinergi Gula Nusantara, Danyonif Raider 515 Kostrad, and Danyonif Raider 509/BY/9/2 Kostrad. (ari)

The inauguration was marked by the signing of an inscription by Governor Khofifah. Then continued with the cutting of tumpeng by Governor Khofifah which was handed over to H.M Arum Sabil and Rekrot UIN, KH. Achmad Siddiq.

In addition to inaugurating the P4S Taruna Bhumi Jember Building, Khofifah also provided assistance in the form of 10,000 rooftop solar panels to P4S Taruna Bhumi Jember. Symbolically, the handover of assistance and inauguration was carried out directly by Governor Khofifah and the Chairperson of P4S Taruna Bhumi Jember, and followed by a number of other figures and invitees. 

“No success is achieved alone. So, success is because we work together, collaborate with each other, and of course pray together,” she said in her speech.

In addition, Governor Khofifah emphasized that East Java remains optimistic and continues to maximize its position as a national food barn. This is not just a discourse but the various successes of East Java in the food sector are proof that East Java is a national food barn. 

“There are processes that we also do like that, which means how we accompany professional work with spiritual work, Pancasila lahir batin if we are Pancasila lahir batin then the first precept of the almighty God will continue to accompany our professional work,” she said.

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