Working visit of Director of food security program

PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh participates in the national food security program by organizing a national wheat, sorghum and soybean cultivation program located in Lengkong, Mumbulsari with an area of 3 ha.

The program, which began in November 2023 and is commanded by the R&D Division, targets productivity per ha of each commodity of 4,000 kg/ha for wheat, 6,000 kg/ha for sorghum, and 2,500 kg/ha for national soybeans.

Director of PT Perkebunan Nusantara X, Tuhu Bangun, during his official visit to Jember on November 29, 2023, took the time to visit the food security program land of PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh in order to express his appreciation and strategic direction.

“Hopefully the food security program carried out by PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh can provide the best value and maximum results and be useful for the community in order to open up jobs” he said.

Mr. Tumbas Ginting as Director of PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh who was accompanied by SEVP Operation, GM Operational On Farm, and Corporate Secretary said that this national wheat, sorghum and soybean cultivation program is a form of the company’s commitment in order to meet national self-sufficiency and self-sufficiency to contribute domestically.

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