Kunjungan Kerja Komisaris PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh

PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh received a working visit from Mr. Mahendra Utama as Commissioner on Sunday (18/02) at Glenmore, Banyuwangi.

The visit was carried out to review the edamame cultivation land in collaboration between PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh and PTPN 1 Regional 4 with a land area of 40 hectares.

Previously, the commissioners and management held a joint meeting agenda in Surabaya on Friday (16/02) to discuss the evaluation of the company’s performance until January 2024 followed by a visit to the factory to review the process activities the next day (17/02).

The activity began with reviewing the plants directly in the field to see the condition of edamame growth and development at the age of 40 HST which was interspersed with discussions and questions from the commissioners to the management of PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh consisting of the Director, SEVP Business Support, General Manager On Farm and General Manager Off Farm regarding the technical cultivation of plants.

After the tour, the group then continued the discussion in the hut to listen to remarks and directions from the commissioner and managing director. In the first opportunity, the Director of PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh, Mr. Tumbas Ginting, said that the working visit from the Commissioner was to find out the details of PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh’s business flow from upstream to downstream.

“Hopefully this visit can provide new motivation and enthusiasm to achieve the targets we have planned for the welfare of employees and the expectations of shareholders” he said.

In his remarks, Commissioner Mr. Mahendra Utama conveyed the following points:

1. All employees must be responsible for the work that has been mandated.

2. With a direct working visit, it is hoped that all targets can be achieved as planned.

3. Quality improvement and better performance improvement in the future in order to provide more confidence to shareholders

4. Morale and hard work are needed for all employees so that productivity can increase and targets can be achieved 

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