PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh once again held a human resource development program through Teamwork Building activities which were held on 25 – 26 February 2023 in collaboration with Lemdik Secaba Rindam V/Brawijaya Jember.

This time the training activities targeted 167 employees from all divisions, starting from the General Manager level to contract employees. The employee handover was carried out by the Director of PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh to the Commander of the Jember Secaba on the first day of the activity through an opening ceremony.

The Director of PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh, Mr. Arif Suhariadi, in his address said that quality human resources determine the company’s success in achieving predetermined performance targets. “It’s not enough that only positive mentality and leadership are needed, but cooperation and coordination between lines also play an important role in supporting success.” he added.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Jember Secaba Commander, Mr. A Wakhid Dedy Setyawan, S.I.P that the training program had been prepared by adjusting the goals of the company’s core values ​​so that participants could understand the work environment and their respective job functions.

Then the participants were divided into several groups to take part in a series of training programs that had been prepared by the trainers for 2 days and 1 night, covering outbound & fun games, defending the country, survival, compass, gathering, to an evening reflection which was filled in person by the Director of PT. Nusantara X Plantation, Mr. Tuhu Bangun.

On this occasion, the Director of PT Perkebunan Nusantara X, Mr. Tuhu Bangun said that the company must have a fundamental construction that is ready to face the challenges of the global business going forward, therefore improving governance of the company’s biggest asset, namely human resources, must continue to be carried out and improved.

“PT Mitratani Dua Seven must grow and develop.” He said.

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