Signing of Agreement of PT Rolas Medika Nusantara

PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh established a cooperation with PT Rolas Nusantara Medika through additional health service benefits for employees on Thursday, March 21, 2024 at the PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh office.

The signing of the cooperation was carried out directly by the Director of PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh, Mr. Tumbas Ginting with the Director of PT Rolas Nusantara Medika Mr. Syamsul Bahri, who was accompanied by the Management Board and Team from the Human Resources (HR) division.

On this occasion, Mr. Tumbas Ginting said that he hoped that through the synergy of BUMN between PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh and PT Rolas Nusantara Medika could provide better health services and ease of treatment for employees.

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