PT Mitaratani Dua Tujuh Assistant Manager Competition Upgrade

In order to improve the success of plant protection to have an impact on increasing productivity and product quality, PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh held an Assistant Manager competency upgrade at the Learning Center hut which began on December 21, 2023 – January 29, 2024.

The activity was attended by all Managers and Assistant Managers from the Cultivation Division with presenters from the Plant Pest Disease Department of the R&D Division. The event began with a speech from Mr. Sugiharto Bisri as SEVP Operation who fully supports this activity for the better progress and development of Mitratani.

“This activity is very effective to be carried out as a form of effort to increase productivity and better product quality. I hope that everything implemented here can be applied well to all Assistant Managers to achieve the targets set by the company.” He said.

The series of activities consisted of:

1. Pre-test related to plant disease pests material

2. Practicum on the use and application of Pesticides

3. Socialization of the care and maintenance of saprotan tools

4. Material and sharing session about plant pests and diseases and procedures for using pesticides according to standards

5. Post-test to measure the value of the material

The purpose of this program is for all managers to Assistant Managers to gain qualified knowledge and competence and be equipped with supporting tools so that they can be more optimal in detecting pest attacks in the field.

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