Factoty Visit PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh

In order to increase the sense of belonging of on farm operational employees so that it can have an impact on increasing productivity and product quality, PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh held Factory visit activities on January 15 – February 05, 2024.

The activity was attended by employees of the On Farm operational section ranging from Managers to Assistant Managers in each area. The event began with a speech from the General Manager of Off Farm Operations who said that this factory visit activity was a step towards mutual synergy between the off farm and on farm divisions for smooth production.

“The synergy between on farm and off farm employees needs to be established, so that the visit of field employees to the factory is expected to understand the condition of the company. This is to produce better productivity and quality,” he said.

This is also supported by the statement of Mr. Nanang Handoko as the head of the processing division who expressed his gratitude for the visit of operational on farm employees and hopes for quality improvement in accordance with the specified target.

“After this activity is carried out, I hope the on farm team can provide quality raw materials as targeted, Mitratani can be bigger and develop” he said.

This factory visit is a visit by the on-farm team to see the process from receipt to ready to send with direction from the head of the processing division and the head of the processing department. Participants were also given the opportunity to conduct sharing sessions directly for future productivity plans.

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