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Mahendra Utama

Position: Commissioner

Born in Bandar Lampung, December 12 1974, Mahendra Utama currently occupies several strategic positions such as being the Founder of PT KSWD Lampung, Founder of PT SLDU Lampung, President Commissioner of PT DMKB North Sumatra, and CEO of PT Solusi Akasara Graphics Unggul. Apart from that, he also has other professional career experience such as being a Mass Media Consultant, TA for the Governor of Lampung for Law & Government, Special Secretary for the Governor of Lampung, and facilitator in various fields. He was appointed as Commissioner of PT Mitratani Dua Seven since July 5, 2023 based on SK number. XX-SURKP/23.036 and 004/DE-KML/VII/23. His last education was S1 Law at the University of Tulang Bawang, Lampung.